Family outing!

Jim's work hosted a party at Page's Crossing in Columbia City. We were all able to go, except for Brenae, who was running that day. There were go carts, roller coasters, golfing, batting cages, etc. Corbin had the best time on the roller coasters. The other kids couldn't get their fill of the go carts. I haven't been in one, since the Dr. Pepper Special, and managed to go 3 times with Jim and the kids. Celeste is not EVER going to get her license. She is a maniac behind the wheel. She got so erratic that Jim side swiped her to teach her a lesson. Did it work, NOPE! She just kept on driving like a maniac. We did have a great time, and went home exhausted.


Blogger-In-Chief said...

Holy cow, I miss you guys! What fun adventures! McKinstry, nice ride! That is nicer than anything your mom and I drove at 16.

zrcochran said...

Ah, the Dr. Pepper special. I miss that gokart!