Happy 12th Birthday Celeste!

We celebrated Celeste's birthday tonight. She was so excited to celebrate today. Jim bought her beautiful flowers. She requested a raspberry chocolate cheesecake for her dessert. I improvised and it turned out really good. She get to get her ears pierced on Saturday. She has been begging to have them pierced for years, but her dad told her not until she turns 12. The boys are excited to see it happen. They are convinced that the lady is going to stand across the room and shoot a hole in her ear from there. Silly boys!

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Blogger-In-Chief said...

Did you save me a piece? That looks awesome! I asked for a cherry pie on top of a cheesecake last year, and it was good, I think I am going to ask for a Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake this year...

Happy Birthday Celeste ! (Belated)