Doing great this year!

Brenae is having a great year. She is a freshman at Dekalb High School and is running on the varsity cross country team. She started out on the reserve team, but that didn't last long. She made her way towards the front by the middle of the season. Her fastest race, she ran 3.2 miles in 20:21. This is her personal best, so far. October 3 she ran at Bellmont High School for Conference. She placed 16th out of 56 girls, earning an honorable mention. She isn't very happy with herself, as she wasn't feeling very well, and let one of her teammates get in front of her. We are very pleased with her progress. Jim has promised her that if she can break 20:00 he will take her to IHOP (She has an obsession with pancakes). Next week she will be running at Sectionals, so I will update then. She was told earlier in the year that you letter in cross country if you run in the post season. We will see what becomes of that when she is officially done running this year.

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