Down comes the tree!

Today a lot of my anxieties have disappeared. In June, the front half of our tree in the front yard came down and almost landed on the truck and new garage of the neighbor across the street. Then 2 weeks later, our next door neighbor's tree came down on their garage, and if I hadn't been at work, it would have smashed the van. About 2 months ago we noticed that our tree was given a number 8, via bright green spray paint. Today the town of Ashley graciously cut it down. This helps with my anxiety, because every time a storm comes, and that is quite frequently, I would wonder when the rest of the tree would come crashing into my bedroom window. Now I just have to wait for the workers to get it chopped up and out of my driveway....but I am much happier now!

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MentieMom said...

Too bad they don't have the budget to plant new trees.