Cross Country Kids

Celeste and Garrett both decided to join the DeKalb Middle School Cross Country team this year.

It was fun to watch Garrett run. We nick-named him "Trucker". He always came in 2nd to last for his team, but never completely last for a meet. Through out the season, he took over 3 minutes off of his time. When we asked him why he wanted to run, he told us that it was fun, and that he wanted to get in shape.

Celeste is nothing but legs. She started out the season strong and maintained her position on the team. She went from first and second place for the junior varsity team. By the end of the season she was edging out the 7th runner for the varsity team. She was able to go to Conference as an alternate.

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MentieMom said...

Run, kids, run....Grandpa is coming!!!