Happy Halloween!

I stopped buying and making the kids costumes a couple of years ago. We usually hide inside with a movie and a funky dinner. Since I was sick this weekend, I didn't make any special plans for the family. The kids wanted to trick or treat. I told them that if they came up with costumes that I didn't have to buy anything for, they could go. McKinstry went to hand out candy at a friend's house, and I thought we would surprise them by showing up at Emily's house. McKinstry about fell out of her chair when she got a look of what Garrett looked like in her dress. Just for the record......Garrett decided to be a girl....no pressure here. And for the record....he has eyelashes that I would kill for.........!

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McKinstry Newhard said...

It still amazes me of how much Garrett looks like a girl! SO EPIC!!!