Academic Spell Bowl

Corbin joined the Spell Bowl team at the middle school this year. He had a competition this week and I happened to have a notebook with me. Jim had me spell the words that were given during each round. I'm happy to say that I scored an 8 out of 9 words in the 8th round.
Here are the words that Corbin had to spell during his round. He scored the most points for his team. The words in red are the ones that he missed. Their team came in 2nd for the spell meet.

Words Corbin had to spell:
1. flow
2. cross-reference
3. legibility
4. frizzling
5. hawthorn
6. retrocede
7. canceled
8. monocle
9. auricular

I didn't do so hot on these words. But to my credit, spell check says that canceled can be spelled cancelled. This word was actually challenged at the meet.