Wow... Summer is Gone!

Fall is now here, which means that summer has been over. The year has gone by way way too fast. Summer came and went with everyone's busy schedules. We were a very busy family this year. Summer brought a loot of fun and new things to the family. Here are just some pics of what some of the fun things we did over the summer!

Celeste's friends at Girl's Camp.... her first year and she loved it

Garrett enjoyed going out and shooting daddy's guns on a warm summer day.

Brenae loved spending time with her cousin Kristen. She is a joy to have up ♥

Corbin enjoyed hot summer days out on the Slip n' Slide with his friend Ephraim.

McKinstry got her first boyfriend over the summer. Anthony is just awesome and fits right in.

The family got a chance to go to Nauvoo to see Amy get married. We had a great time!

The kids were at the lake on an afternoon that mom was working and made some fun videos. Here is the best one that they made!

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