Summer math camp

Celeste had a very unique opportunity this summer. She brought home an application for a science math camp. We looked at her like she was crazy. She needed teacher recommendations, and had to write an essay as to why she would benefit from this camp. After all of the applications were sent in, she received a letter telling her that she was chosen out of 150 other children to attend the Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Summer Science camp at Trine University, in Angola IN, for 2 weeks. She was thrilled. At this camp she was able to meet Bernard Harris, an astronaut for NASA, make robots, and learn all kinds of other neat things. She did just happen to meet a girl there who is also LDS and goes to her grandma and grandpa Newhard's ward in Fort Wayne. They became great friends, and spent 2 weeks being as grown up as possible.

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Becca said...

wow beauty and brains!